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Commercial Tankless Heater Installation

Depending on how much hot water you need to run your business, there may be multiple commercial water heater tank sizes to meet your needs. Going with the cheapest option more times than most will cost you more money in the end if it’s not properly sized and installed. Most restaurants require two one for bathrooms and other for kitchen especially if dishwasher dosen’t have a booster heater. Size too small and you won’t have enough hot water to run your business, especially during peak operating times causing unit to fail or have to replace often, But size too large and you’ll end up spending excess money in both upfront capital and long-term operating costs. Whether you run a restaurant, hotel, apartment complex, senior living facility, salon or fitness center—any business that depends on hot water needs the right water heater sizing and setup.Marine Plumbing is experienced commercial water heater sizing professional takes into account various important characteristics of your business operations, including, but not limited to:

  • The number of fixtures (dishwashers, sinks, showers, pools and more) that require hot water
  • Your hours of operation (24/7, lunch hours only, etc.)
  • Your peak business hours (when your business uses the MOST hot water)
  • Your geographic location (for seasonal impacts on base water temperature)
  • Venting requirements and/or restrictions
  • Physical footprint limitations

Using these qualifiers, Marine Plumbing will accurately calculate the type, necessary BTUs**, gallons, and physical size of the specific water heater you need to provide your facility with consistent hot water.


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