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Residential tankless Installation

To properly design a hot water system for one’s home takes time and expertise. At Marine Plumbing Service we have installed many tankless units as we as we have service so know the pros and cons of all tankless manufacturers. Unlike most contractors, we check how many BTU’S your gas meter is rated for and if undersized we work with Atlanta Gas to upgrade. We are and Atlanta Gas (NGAD) dealer.  We go on to weasuring your gas piping (lengths/distances) to ensure proper gas volume to new tankless heater location in your home. Part of properly sizing your gas meter, we add up all btu’s of all gas fired appliances in your home. In addition, we test your homes incoming water pressure as we well.

We furnish and I install both OUTDOOR and/or INDOOR tankless heaters. Sometimes two linked together for larger homes. Part of new install going from tank to tankless we cap off all gas/ water/old venting for old existing tank and well as dispose of old tank. We re-pipe all new hot/cold water to new location.  Most tankless we try to install within 30 ft away from existing hot/cold water in home. We also ask if it takes long period of time to get hot water to you fixtures. If so. we can help correct this by adding a recirculation pump under the furthest troublesome sink while onsite.

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