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Residential/ Commercial Tankless Service

Inspect tankless if properly installed. Check gas pressure and adjust hi/lo gas limits as needed.  Inspect gas piping/fittings to ensure proper installation. Flush unit according to manufacturer requirements, clean inlet filter, inspect burner assembly, inspect fan, inspect ignitor, check exhaust, check gas manifold, check voltage, review and reset error code history

To properly diagnose errors and faulty parts in your tankless take time and expertise. Remember we have to look at everything (Gas piping, venting , water piping as well as read all error code history)   to ensure unit was installed properly.  We since we have seen 8 + year old units never with error codes going back to day it was installed until finally shutting down…..Checking gas meter size, Measuring your gas piping to ensure proper gas to unit, adding up all btu’s of all gas fired appliances in your home, testing your homes incoming water pressure as well determining the gas pressure to your unit using a gas manometer.


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